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The Event that Shook the World

On February 15, 2013, the sound of an explosion shook parts of Russia, collapsing walls and shattering windows. A meteor had entered earth’s atmosphere, plummeting towards the ground at 40,000 mph. It turned into a fireball and exploded about 10 to 15 miles above the earth’s surface. The energy released from the explosion was equal to about 500 kilotons of TNT—that is 20 to 30 times more powerful than either of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945. That’ a lot of power!

On another day many years before the events in Russia, another earth-shaking event took place. This event rocked not only a small part of the world, but all of humanity itself. In fact, the shock waves are still being felt today. It was different than the meteor in Russia in that it did not destroy. Instead, it brought new life. One afternoon, a Man was being brutally killed on a Roman cross and at the moment of His death, the earth shook. One person close to the events described it this way:

“The earth shook, rocks split apart, and tombs were opened. The bodies of many

godly men and women who had died were raised from the dead.”[i]

And this was only the beginning! After three days, the earth shook again when an angel from heaven came down and rolled back the stone covering the entrance to the tomb in which He was buried. And it wasn’t only the earth that shook! The Romans soldiers guarding the tomb shook with fear and became like dead men[ii]. The angel had come to share the news that the Man was no longer in the tomb, but was alive!

These events continue to be felt today not only because of the supernatural things people saw and heard. They are felt today because of what they do in people’s hearts. The Man that died and was raised was no ordinary human being. He was the Son of God who had suffered, died and rose again for the sins of all the human race. Those who believe in what He did, enter into a new life that begins here on earth and culminates in eternity beyond this world. A well-known verse of Scripture puts it this way:

“‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever

believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”[iii]

What about you? Have you allowed the events surrounding this Man who was the Son of God to rock your world? He came to bring you life, not destruction. You only need to place your trust in Him for what He did for you, and surrender completely. Doing so will be the best decision you have ever made.

Lord Jesus, thank you shaking my world when

You suffered and died for me. I admit that

I do not deserve what You have done, but I am ever so grateful.

I now give my life to You and receive Your forgiveness

and the new life You came to bring.

I pray this in Your name, amen.

[i] Matthew 27:51b, 52, The New Living Translation

[ii] See Matthew 28:2-4

[iii] John 3:16, NKJV

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