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The Ride of Your Life

One day, 21-year-old Ben Carpenter experienced something he did not expect. As he was crossing an intersection in his electric wheelchair, the light changed to green and the semi he was in front of started to move. The tractor trailer bumped up against Ben’s wheelchair and its handles became lodged in the truck’s grill. Ben began the ride of his life!

The truck picked up speed to around 50 mph, the driver not realizing Ben was stuck to his vehicle. Onlookers began to notice and to call on their cell phones for help. The young man did not know when his hair-raising ride would end or if he would make it through. Fortunately for him, it did end about four miles down the road when two undercover police officers pulled over the unsuspecting truck driver. Ben not only survived, but he was unhurt (in part because he had been wearing a seat belt!). His chair was okay, too, except that the wheels had lost most of their rubber.

You may not have ever experienced something like Ben, but you will face the unexpected at some point in your life. You probably have already, and it will happen again to some degree. You will be going about your business, suddenly life will take a different turn and you will go on the ride of your life! The question is how will you handle it when it comes? Often, fear and anxiety fills one’s heart during a time like this, and you wonder, “Is this ever going to end?” or “Will I even survive?”

It is important that during these times to remember that God is in control. When you love Him and yield to His call, you can rest knowing that He will work good through the experience (Romans 8:28). In fact, the unexpected is often His way of bringing you to new places in Him. You do not always know where you will end up and your “tires” may feel worn at times, but He will deliver you safe to the destination He has in mind.

What is the unexpected in your life right now? Maybe it’s a job change or a move. Maybe your plans for college aren’t working out the way you thought they would or a relationship is taking a different turn. Instead of worrying and becoming stressed, I invite you to buckle in for the ride and entrust yourself into God’s care. He will guide and protect you, and you will be glad you rested in Him!

“Lord Jesus, in some ways it seems my life is spinning out of control. I did not expect

nor do I understand all that is happening. You know all things and I now entrust

my life to You. Carry me to where You know I need to be.

It is in Your name I pray, amen.”

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