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"You Want Me to Do What?!"

“That’s impossible!” I could see these words in the two little eyes that were looking up at me. I had asked the little girl to jump from where she was to where I stood about eight feet away. I went on to tell her that though she thought it was impossible, I wanted her to leap anyway. As her feet were about ready to leave the floor, I scooted over to her, lifted her up and carried her the distance.

My experience with this child is like your relationship with God. He may call you to do what seems impossible, but when you step out in obedience, He steps in and does the impossible.

Jeremiah knew what it was like to face the impossible. One day God told him to buy a piece of property. “That is no big deal,” you say, until you hear where the property was located…in the hands of the nation that was attacking his country. They had already seized the place where property was, and now the capital city was about to be conquered. The nation’s fall was imminent and many would either be killed or taken captive. It was not the most ideal time to buy land.

God wanted Jeremiah to buy the land as a statement to the nation about their future. Even though they were about to be overthrown and carried away captive, the people of Judah would one day return. God would bring them back and cause them to do business as they once had. More importantly, they would dwell in safety and would enjoy a deep relationship with God.

Jeremiah obeyed, and then went to God in prayer. His prayer went something like this:

“Lord God, You made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and nothing is too

difficult for You. You’ve moved powerfully in the life of Your people, guiding and

supernaturally bringing us to this land. Your people have not obeyed you, though, and

now are facing Your judgment. Look at the situation! The enemy has surrounded us,

we’ve been beset with war, famine and disease. Now You’ve said that I am to buy a

field when we are about to be given over to our enemies! And you want me to do so in

front of witnesses!”

Jeremiah’s prayer reflects his natural thoughts about what was happening. But God responded by saying, “Behold, I am the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?” (Jeremiah 32:27) God would do what seemed impossible to human eyes.

God is no different today. He is still the God of all flesh and still nothing is too difficult for Him. No matter what you think, you need to trust Him and step out in faith. You can depend on His Word, even when you don’t know how or when He is going to fulfill it. (Note: Jeremiah did not live to see the day when his nation was fully restored. In fact, the prophecy is still being fulfilled today!)

What has God called you to do? Step out in faith and trust Him to do the impossible!

“Heavenly Father, You are the God of all flesh and nothing is too difficult for You. Forgive me for when my life has not reflected this truth. I now step out in faith and do what You have called me to do, trusting You to do the impossible.”

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