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Dot-to-dots. At first, they look like speckles of ink splattered randomly across a page. But, as they are connected in the correct order, a picture emerges. It may be a mountain scene, a favorite cartoon character, a superhero, or a rescue vehicle. What first was unrecognizable has now become clear when you see how the individual parts fit together.

Our lives are similar to a dot-to-dot picture. The dots represent the times when God has moved in a special way. Maybe He spoke something to us when we needed it most or reoriented a situation that was beyond our control. Maybe it was during a time of happiness or great distress. Over time, more and more of these “dots” cover the span of our days as God’s Spirit continues to move in and through us. These moves of His Divine Hand often seem unrelated at first, but He shows us otherwise. God opens our eyes to see how they connect to form a picture of something He wants to show us about Himself.

One may see examples of this in Scripture. God moved in David’s life in many ways, one of those ways being that He delivered David from the hands of his enemies time and time again. It was through those divine interventions that David was able to see God as a shelter and a strong tower from the enemy (see Ps. 61:3). As a result, David said he would trust in Him (v. 4). Another example is Moses. Through his encounters with God, he came to see Him as a pure, strong and holy God who must be obeyed (see Exodus 15:11; Deut. 13:4; etc.).

What about you? How has God moved in your life throughout the years? How might He “connecting the dots” to show You something regarding Himself or your relationship with Him? What themes is He weaving into the fabric of your life? Take time to reflect on these questions with an open heart. Allow God to speak, challenge and encourage you through the various ways He has moved all in view of Him drawing you closer to Himself.

“Precious Heavenly Father, You have been so good to move in my life throughout the years.

I know You have had my best interest at heart during those times, even though they

were not always easy. Thank You for all You’ve done.

Open my eyes to see how Your actions connect to reveal a picture of Yourself

that You want me to see. As I see You more clearly, may what I see drive me to be closer to You.

In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”

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