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Finding Life

A number of years ago, outside the house where I was living at the time, stood dead stalks of the previous year’s plants. They did not look anything like they did when they were in full bloom. In fact, they were not very pleasant to look at and I eventually pulled them out. I needed those plants, though. Why? Because their dying was part of a process that eventually brought life.

After the plant was in full bloom, it began to die and all of its energy went to the seed embedded within what once was a flower. The plant eventually died and the seed fell to the ground and lay dormant for a time. When the conditions of the environment were just right, the seed germinated and grew into a new plant. Life was birthed through death.

Jesus spoke of this process when He said: “‘Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain’” (John 12:24). His saying this carries special significance when you see the context in which He spoke it—His up and coming crucifixion. He would soon go the cross, suffer and die, bearing the sin of all humanity onto Himself. His body would be laid in a tomb, but would be raised from the dead after three days and three nights. New life would come through death as a result of the forgiveness of sins.

Catch the impact of this. The seed of Jesus’ life fell to the ground, and through His death and resurrection, new life comes to all those who will receive it! If He had not willingly laid down His life and “fallen to the ground” in death, there would be no life for us today. The life He carried within Him would have remained only in Him. But because He gave His life, He is not alone; He is surrounded by those who receive the life He now gives.

Not too long from now, we will enter a season of remembering and celebrating our Savior’s sacrifice and resurrection. What better way to celebrate than to experience first-hand the life He brings through His death? To experience that life, though, you will have to undergo a kind of death yourself. It is not a physical death, but a spiritual one. You must die to yourself, give your life to Him and allow Him to plant His life within you. If you will do this, you will be resurrected to a new life as His life germinates, takes root and grows within you! If you have already taken this step, your next move is to daily choose to die to yourself and let Christ live in and through you. There is no better way to live!

Lord Jesus, thank You for laying down Your life

so I can have life. I give myself to You fully and completely.

Plant your life within me. Let it germinate, take root and

grow, touching every aspect of my being. I look forward

to experiencing life with You not only in this world,

but in the one to come.

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